This page is intended to provide easy access to documents that are mentioned in some of my blog posts.

Quick references

Quick references should give easy and direct access so some things I consider as worth looking up. For example to see a complete list of date format strings or the correct syntax of the listagg function or different regexp_substr parameters.

Usually I have several of those quick references with me. So whenever you meet me, feel free to ask if I can share a version of them. My company will print and bring a larger number of quick references to the annual DOAG conference.

SPL – Svens PLSQL Library

Those are code packages that I used in various different projects. They are currently not public yet. They need a little more documentation and validation before I release them.

  • Spool objects (using dbms_metadata package)
  • working day calculation (including German holiday calculus)
  • Plsql EMS (extract – map – store) template
  • Reports using Collection2Email converter