Interactive Reports in Apex 3.1-5.1

Just a short collection of features that were added to Interactive Reports in the different Apex versions.

This is not from a developers perspective but mainly from user experience. It can be used to emphasize upgrading to a more recent apex version.

Apex 3.1

Interactive Reports introduced

Apex 3.2

Apex 4.0

  • Subscriptions
  • Websheets with IRs
  • Row filters

Apex 4.1

  • Public subscriptions

Apex 4.2

  • Group by

Apex 5

  • Pivot
  • frozen headers
  • Multiple IRs on one page
  • enhanced group by

Issues: html tags in headers might give issues. Html tables in columns might give problems with frozen header javascript.

Apex 5.1

  • interactive grid: First impressions look astonishing. Good chance  that they will completely replace interaktive reports.
  • New chart engine (OracleJet)


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