Install SQL Developer 4.1 beta

This is for an installation on a Windows 32bit platform

1) Download the sources

Download the sources from

We need two zip files, one for the developer and one for the java environment (1.8 jre).



2) Install JDK 1.8

Remember the Path where it will be installed. In my case it is

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.8.0_31

2.1) Check the JRE Settings

If you don’t want JRE Version 1.8 for other programs then you can disable it.Here you can also check the installation path. install_sqldev_41-3

SQL Developer 4.1 will just need the folder and then starts the needed JRE itself.

3) Install SQL Developer

3.1) Unzip it into a new folder

I use C:/Oracle/sqldeveloper41. Then start sqldeveloper.exe to start the installation process.

3.2) Point it to the right JRE

After you started the sqldeveloper.exe you will be prompted for the JDK Path.

I first entered only the JRE path, but it really needs the JDK.


You will get a warning about JDK1.8 not currently officially supported. Accept that.

Then you can choose to migrate your settings from a previous installation.

If you install it without admin privileges, you get additional warnings. This needs to be confirmed like 5 or 6 times.

4) Whats new?

4.1) Configuration

Since I upgraded from version 3.2 I made a few instant changes. Most of these changes can already be done in 4.0.

  • Set colors for all connections.
  • The view settings were not migrated. So I activated the DBA view again. My predefined connections in this viewport had been migrated perfectly.
  • Check the NLS settings. Check the TNS path. Consider to use the Oracle Client and the thick OCI driver.
  • Switch from german to english. See also
    The config file is a little difficult to find: C:\Users\youruserid\AppData\Roaming\sqldeveloper\4.1.0\product.conf. This file should be there after closing the SQL Developer for the first time.
    Add this line to the .conf file

    AddVMOption -Duser.language=en
  • And finally add a link to the desktop using the exe from the unzipped folder

4.2) Test Drive

  • The main reason why I installed the beta is the new DB-Instanz monitoring panel. If you go to the DBA View and open database status>DB_Instanz you get a nice monitoring page


  • Very nice is the multi-edit possibility.

Press SHIFT+CTRL and click on all the positions where you want to edit. Then type in your text.

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