OOW2014 quickies

Notes I made during the 2014 Oracle Open World conference in S.F.

  • Oracle Database
    • In Memory with columnar representation
    • SIMD (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIMD) single instruction multiple data
      •  vektor data processing!
      • I’d like to find a way to profit from those SIMD instructions using Pl/sql collections. Either in a Oracle Standard Edition 12c or maybe already in 11g. Have to read up a bit on it.
  • massive new cloud offerings
    • Unplug on premise, plug into the cloud
    • Developer cloud mostly for Java developers
    • Analytic Cloud
  • Node.js is everywhere
    • Oracle driver development
    • Integration of JS framworks like Angular.js with Apex
    • npm installs for cordoba / PhoneGap
    • Fancy! node modules to connect to siri
    • Grunt is built on top of node.js
  • DBA Stuff
    • Alter database force full databse cache;
    • Recover table emp until time ‘sysdate-1’;
    • Varchar2(32k): alter system set max_string_size=EXTENDED;
    • Move datafiles online! Alter database move datafile ‘oldLocation’ to ‘newLocation’
    • run SQL Plus commands directly from RMAN
    • DBMS_OOPATCH package
    • What the heck are Bloom filters?
  • plsql developer stuff
    • session sequences => Useful for temp tables
    • create view with definer rights
    • SQL Developer 4.0 exports large excel files much better
    • Plsql monitor built into Enterprise Manager 12c
    • utl_call_stack
    • invisible columns (hidden from select * queries)
  • Apex
    • Integrate Apex with Amazone S3 offerings to store LOBs
    • Apex 5.0 postponed to 2015
    • ORDS 3.0 does not need Apex anymore

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